Frequently Asked Questions

“Who are you?”

Great question! We started in 2000, and over the past years have grown from strength to strength and we are recognized as one of the reputable leaders in the industry

Starting in 2000 we have over 13 years experience and are recognized as one of the reputable leaders in the industry

We are well recognized within the industry, we are extremely proud of our successes with a large number of our models in local and international productions.

(Comment from the founder & owner) Having my own 2 children actively involved in this industry and Kool Kids is an added benefit as it keeps me in touch with both sides of the story.

“I wonder if my child would be suitable?”

We are looking for ALL different looks…

This includes:

  • Babies who are happy easygoing little people
  • Toddlers need to be easygoing with a bubbly personality
  • Kids & Teenagers with confidence and an outgoing personality

“Is previous experience or training necessary?”

Our rising stars need to start somewhere and fresh spontaneity is what attracts the client. Child Models should possess a passion for performing and enjoy entertaining others. Versatility and a wide range of related performance skills, such as dancing, rollerblading, cycling and horse-riding are especially useful.

“Some people have said that castings are held at the last minute with no warning”

Majority of castings are confirmed with at least one days notice.

“What are the Key Requirements for Success?”

“Can you give me a brief overview of explaining to my child what he can expect when joining this industry?”

“Why should I consider allowing my child to be part of this industry?”

“Is there a guarantee that all models enrolled will definitely get work?”

Unfortunately not, the final choice is made by the client / product producing the advert. We are involved with SA & international TV,Magazine, Catalogs, Films, Corporate Videos and more.

It is a very exciting industry, and amazing experience… and of course there is money to be made.

If you are interested why not get in contact today?