Are you looking for a kids casting agency in Cape Town? Since Kool Kids opened in 2000 we have been giving our clients the best casting opportunities in Cape Town.


Proud Mom whose daughter was on her first shoot.

Hi Nicky,   I just wanted to feedback to you on what an incredible experience it was for Ryeleigh yesterday on the Avenmore shoot. The people were amazing and so professional and friendly. Despite it being an extremely long day in the blazing hot sun Ryeleigh had a blast and felt like a star!! Thank you for the opportunity, Tamsyn

Inspired Stages – Sponsorship

During the July School Holidays, Kool Kids Casting were proud to get sponsorship from Inspired Stages and some of our students were able to attend complimentary. We received some inspiring stages feedback from two students which we thought we would share with you all. Inspiring Stages Feedback: Viwe Sishuba – 15 years old (Girl) The 1st day I was very nervous because there were so many people I’ve never met before. We met Karen and then CED performed and it was AWESOME!!! GWOSH!!!Then the 2nd workshop started and we had to choose between dance and singing, and I chose singing cos I’m a singer, but later had to change to dancing which I extremely enjoyed. I’ve never seen myself as a dancer,...

The Sunflower Fund

Kool Kids Casting recently had the opportunity to sponsor 'The Sunflower Fund' which is a truly fantastic fund that aims to educate and recruit a viable source of well informed potential bone marrow stem cell donors who are ethnically diverse. The fund was kind enough to send through this beautiful letter that we thought we would share with you all. Head on over to The Sunflower Fund on Facebook for more information about the cause. Dear Nicky We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the invaluable contribution and assistance in The Sunflower Fund’s first children’s coloring in competition and Miss Sunflower Beauty Pageant in association with N1 City Mall. Your support and...

Mandela Day 2014

As part of Mandela Day, we're collecting toys and children's books to take to the kids at Red Cross hospital next week Friday. If you have a toy/book or 5 you can donate, please drop it off at our offices by Wednesday 23 July latest Kool Kids Casting Club 38 Herta Erna Ave Schoongezicht Durbanville (Office Hours 9am to 5pm or if you are in town you can drop off at Kayos Casting Directors Buchanan Square (1st Floor The Hills Building) 160 Sir Lowry Rd Woodstock. There is a little toddler girl there that we know of who had 9.5 hrs liver transplant on Wednesday, and many more like her that would be thrilled to have their day brightened 🙂 Kind Regards Nicky Greyling

St Agnes Catholic Church Sponsorship

St Agnes Catholic Church in Woodstock Cape Town had their Annual Festival on the 15th June 2014, and part of the celebrations was a competition for 5 - 12 year olds. Kool Kids Casting Club sponsored prizes and here are some lovely pictures taken at the event of "Miss Mini St Agnes" and Mr Mini St Agnes" as the proud winners.

Kool Kids Were Featured In ‘Baba en Kleauter’ Magazine

Did you catch the February issue of Baba En Kleauter? If you did, you may of seen Kool Kids Casting and myself (Nicky) mentioned in the article. I have uploaded the specific article below for your to have a read.

The Sunflower Fund

For those that haven't heard yet, Kool Kids Casting Club has been chosen to participate in conjunction with the Sunflower Fund, Fund Raising event on Saturday 19 July 2014 at N1 City - Miss Sunflower Beauty Pageant - Girls 2 - 12 Yrs. The Sunflower Fund is a registered non-profit company (NPC) founded in 1999.Tina Botha was motivated by the fact there were only 600 odd donors on the South African Bone Marrow Registry when her son desperately needed to find a match in order to save his life. Today there are about 64 500 donors on The South African Bone Marrow Registry. The chances of finding your match are 1 in 100 000 within your own ethnic group. The more donors on the registry the more...


The Industry is all about commitment. It has unpredictable part-time schedules, exceptionally long hours, city-wide work bases, and high international standards. If you’re thinking that this is industry is just play-play, then you’re in for a rude awakening. Whilst every Shoot aims to run smoothly and enjoyably for all the participants, it is still WORK. Here are some of the personal attributes you are going to need if you want your child to be a success. Presentation Although this is a creative sector, it is still a business sector. If your child is not presentable, with clean hair, nails and clothing, then you won’t get in the front door. And whilst we’re all for diversity, remember that...


Child Models are often required to work in South Africa’s busy Production sector. Some children may be cast in supporting roles. Others work as background “extras.” Stills Production assignments typically are short term—starting from just half a day —which means that Child Models rarely work a lot. Television productions generally require your child to be on set for a full day rather than a half day. When performing, Child Models typically work irregular hours. You will have no choice on when the shoot takes place and must be ready for anything. Evening and weekend work is a regular part of a Child Model’s life. Child Models—especially those who shoot on location— may work in the early...

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Who are you?

Great Question!

We started in 2000, and over the past years have grown from strength to strength.

We have extensive experience and are recognised as one of the reputable leaders in the industry.

We are extremely proud of our successes with a large number of our models in local and international productions.

(Comment from the founder & owner) Having started with my own 2 children being actively involved in this industry and Kool Kids it has been an added benefit to keep in touch with both sides of the story.

I wonder if my child would be suitable?
We are looking for ALL different looks – not just perfect bodies and looks. Personality and character is even more important – not suited to very shy and quiet people. Babies best suited are happy, easy going little people – Toddlers should be easy going with a bubbly personality and older children and adults should have confidence with an outgoing personality.  
Is previous experience or training necessary?

We are finding that our talent who attend some acting and casting workshops it definitely increases chances of better success. (We let our talent know what is available during the year.)

However please remember that our rising stars need to start somewhere and fresh spontaneity is what attracts the client. Child Models should possess a passion for performing and enjoy entertaining others. Versatility and a wide range of related performance skills, such as dancing, rollerblading, cycling and horse-riding are especially useful.

Some people have said that castings are held at the last minute with no warning
Majority of castings are confirmed with at least one days notice. But it can happen and it’s very important that you have flexibility with time, own transport, ability to find your way to new addresses and to be very punctual / on time.
Is there a guarantee that all models enrolled will definitely get work?
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee you will be chosen because this final choice is decided by the client involved with the shoot. We can guarantee recommending you/your child for each and every brief where the description matches what they are looking for.
Why choose Kool Kids as apposed to another Agency?
Being on the Exco Board of NAMA (National Association of Model Agencies) and an accredited member nothing falls to chance.  We are held accountable to the International Modelling Standards, formalised processes, contracts and other key functions.  Our commitment to best practise provides our clients and members the benefit of a wealth of experience, reliability, professionalism and peace of mind.
Will it improve my chances by joining more than one agency?

It is a NAMA ruling (National association of Model Agencies) for children – can’t belong to more than one agency at a time.


How do I sign up?
Let us know you are ready and we will email you the application forms and how to pay. We need the completed forms and copy of the Child’s Birth Certificate or Adult’s ID, together with proof of payment, an appointment will be confirmed with our photographer to have photos taken AND then we can start recommending you for some exciting shoots.
Does it matter if I am not a South African Citizen?
You need to be either a South African Citizen or your parents have a valid resident or working permit.
What commission does the Agency earn?

We earn the standard NAMA 20% commission.

There is a booking fee that the Production Company pay the Agency, which is completely separate to the Model Fee and this doesn’t affect your fees at all.

What is this I hear about Tax Charged for Kids and can my child use a Parent's Bank Account?
Everyone (baby, child & adults) all have to pay Tax on their fees earned in shoots (SARS ruling), so everyone has to have their own Income Tax Number (this only become compulsory once confirmed for a shoot and we can assist in applying for you/your child). Each artist will need to have their own personal Banking Account (linked to their own Income Tax Number) and SARS won’t accept Bank Account details of one of the parents.

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